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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is The Enterprise located? Response: In Québec City. But you can benefit from being a member wherever you are...


  • When was The Enterprise founded? Response: in May of 2007.
  • When was the Waska Movement initiated? Response: In April of 1982.


How many

  • How many members are there in the organization? Response: They come and go as they wish.

How much

  • How much does it cost to register? Response: It doesn't cost anything to become a member. Just fill and submit the registration form.

How long


  • Why participate?
  • Why is The Enterprise mentioned in capital letters everywhere in the wiki?
  • Why is The Enterprise always using free computing, free software and Open Source? Response: Free computing doesn't cost anything to people who find it hard making ends meet. They can get cracking and start building their prosperity without adding the burden of financing, which generally contributes to burying them deeper into a bad situation. Also, free computing comes with a friendly, worldwide community that can help members when they need it. Neat!

Accueil  »  Welcome  »  Frequently Asked Questions

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