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Why Waska

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To build prosperity for yourself and your family

If you find it difficult to make ends meet, we have the perfect way to finally earn a revenue that is sufficient and set your life to "comfortable and happy". The solution is the apprenticeship-mentorship.

To build prosperity for the café/restaurant that you own/operate

If you find it difficult to just have enough patrons to fill the tables and the cash register and keep the place open, we have a solution for you. It is called "Partnership-mentorship Café".

To build prosperity for the non-profit organization you work for

As a member of the Board of Directors or as a manager, you may find it difficult to find the resources you need to keep the organization operating. Human resources, financial resources, material resources, expertise and so on are so hard to keep coming in. We have a solution for you! It is called "Partnership-mentorship NPO".

To build prosperity for the small business you own/operate/launch

If you find it difficult to make ends meet with your micro-business and find it hard to get proper, honest help, we have the solution for you. We call it "Partnership-mentorship Micro".

To help build prosperity for the community

If you wish to find a pragmatical way to build sustainable prosperity, we have the right tool for you. Join the "United Builders of Prosperity"!

To invest instead of donating

If you are tired of donating money to causes far away, without knowing what is really happening with the money you're generously giving, we have a new way of proceeding. By purchasing the services provided by Angels of Prosperity, you contribute financially to helping members build their prosperity in a sustainable fashion. You can witness the process, meet the members and track your contribution at all times. It is done so simply: once the cost of production is deducted from the proceeds, the rest of the money is exclusively invested in helping the members acquire socio-economic autonomy. As a member, you can view what happens with your money when you attend the general assembly.

Just to learn easily and efficiently

If you only wish to master skills and techniques without suffering through a long, costly course, you can benefit from the advantages of experiential learning. It really works! You end up being able to apply all you've learned and you don't forget it after a while! You can learn by practicing, in the company of friendly people and in a relaxed environment. Try our apprenticeship-mentorship, our Experiential Group Learning workshops, our Learning assistance?... You will reach your goals a lot quicker and feel a lot better sooner.

Accueil  »  Welcome  »  Why Waska

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